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Planning: PETEK PROJE is a member of IMO , Turkish MMMB, FIDIC , EFCA. Petek proje provide engineering consultancy services. Petek Proje gives particular importance to customer satisfaction by providing cutting-edge high technological methods with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification and computer technological support.

Engineering design projects are planned pursuant to quality control system in view of the fact that technical feasibility, safety, economy, environment and job security and  national and International standarts and technical provisions.


Project Services: PETEK PROJE conceptualizes the project, all kinds of project reguirmends, correspondent with, geological survey, earthquake situations , climatic and environmental condition by confirming hidraulic, static, dynamic, material procurement and material safety in view of fact that associated investor budget at firt knowing that engineer.


Consulting: PETEK PROJE offers consultancy services with government entity for tender preparation and bid evaluation for the projects supported by national and international financial institutions in accordance with international bidding methodology.  Preparation of administrative, technical and special technical specifications and standard contracts are also offered with in the scope of its consultancy services.


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Planning, Project Design and Consultancy